Sync EV

The future of compact car home charging



Olev Approved

Discreet and compact, we let the tech do the talking, not the size. Fitted inside your garage or outside, the charger is fully weather proof and will suit any property… If you want a charger that will blend into your property then the Sync EV charger is for you. Our chargers are competitively priced. We will apply for the OLEV grant on your behalf… so no need to worry. We pride ourselves on offering the most cost-effective charging solution for your home or work. Our chargers are compatible with all vehicles. They are untethered which means you can plug in any cable which is suitable to your vehicle. A tethered charger, which has the cable permanently attached to the charger may be suitable for your current vehicle, but may not fit any future cars you may own.

Standard Installation

  1. 4 hour standard installation slot.
  2. Fitting of a charging socket on a brick or plaster wall, or to another suitable permanent structure.
  3. Up to 10 metres of cable, run and neatly clipped to the wall between the distribution board and the charging socket.
  4. The fitting and testing of electrical connections and protections required for the charging socket.
  5. Some conditions and limitations that you need to know:

  6. Extra cable length above 10 metres will be charged at £15 per metre.
  7. If the cable needs to run under floorboards or ceilings you may incur additional costs. If this is the case please send us images of the installation area first.
  8. All installs/surveys are booked on an all day appointment basis, whilst we will endeavour to accommodate any requirements we cannot guarantee this.
  9. Please inform us if your meter or consumer unit is not located on the same external wall as the required position of charge point.
  10. Our standard OZEV rate does not apply on installs in blocks of flats. These installations will be subject to a site survey.
  11. If your current electrical installation does not meet the required legal standard we are legally required to fit the following extras:
    • (a) New 1 Way Board with Henley Block: £75.00 fitted.
    • (b) Gas, water or earth bonding: £60 up to 5m and £15 p/m thereafter.
  12. Aborted visit (non warranty call out) £80 – £200.
  13. Cancelled appointments with only 24 hours notice £80, if a coloured charger is ordered these are made to order and are subject to a restocking charge of 25% of total cost.
  14. Customer to provide parking and welfare facilities.

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